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Kiwee one is a transportable lightweight wind turbine that harness high altitude winds with a kite

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Whether you are sedentary or nomadic, Kiwee One  create a power grid in 12 or 24 V continuous current to run all your equipements and charge all your devices, including lead acid battery. It delivers up to 100 W of continuous power at 25 km/h wind speed and can work up to 100 km/h .

With its simple, streamlined concept based on a belt drive, you literally see the wind energy captured by Kiwee One.

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Poids 10 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 cm
Power output

100 Watts @ 28 km/h , up to 400 Watts @ 50 km/h

Flight altitude

Between 30 and 60 meters, depending wind speed
Wind speed range : starting at 20 km/h up to 60 km/h continuous.
Gust up to 120 km/h

Internal battery

Li-ion, 10S, 40 V, 2200 mAh, 80 Wh


– Cigar lighter receptacle 12 / 24 V, 100 W Max
– 2 x USB socket 5V
– Terminal block 12/ 24 V, 100 W Max

Propeller diameter

1.05 m


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