Kiwee One Airborne wind turbine

Power your live anywhere

Whether you are sedentary or nomadic, Kiwee One allows you to create a mini power grid easily and quickly with wind energy. With its simple, streamlined concept based on a belt drive, you literally see the wind energy captured by Kiwee One.

A simple and intuitive equipment

No need to take a license at your local kitesurf school to use Kiwee One. The sail fly front wind and require no steering. Launch it by positioning the sail face to the wind and Kiwee one does the rest for you. Push on the start button, Kiwee One unwinds his loop and starts the propeller to begin production. If the wind weakens, Kiwee detects it thanks to a sensor placed in the handle and rewinds the loop. Thus, the propeller land within a 5 meters radius around its inking point. In addition, as the sail and the propeller float and do not fear the water, Kiwee One also works on a boat !


sac de transport

Kiwee one comes in a 30-liter bundle. It weighs less than 5 kg. You can carry it easily in the safe of your car, van, truck, 4x4 or in the hold of your boat.

Robust and durable

Kiwee One can withstand storms up to 90 Km/h. It can work in all harsh environments: Dust, Sand, Frost, humidity, Marine environment, nothing stops it.
All materials used in its manufacture are choose to last: stainless steel screws, high strength resin, ripstop nylon veil, Dyneema cable, waterproof generator, waterproof electric box and tropicalized electronic card.


Put together Kiwee one is not rocket science. With a little practice, you will get there in less than 5 minutes.
Start by setting up the propellers and the weathervane. Pass the loop on the pulley and attach the generator to a landscape element thanks to the carabineer. Attach the sail to the propeller and inflate the sail by facing the wind. Once the sail is up, let Kiwee One take care of the rest.
You did not understand everything ? No worries, we made you a little video !

I want one !