Our values

We are committed to making energy autonomy accessible to as many people as possible.

We love innovations and technologies that provide real service and connect within a community.

We invest our know-how and enthusiasm in what we manufacture.

The Founders
Your electricity in

Our products produce renewable energy wherever you are.

Your kite wind turbine produces electricity day and night, even on a cloudy day. Your electricity is available in real time. Surplus production is stored for later use. This reserve makes you autonomous.

Nomadic equipment

The wind turbine holds in a backpack and unfolds in less than 5 minutes.

You are in nature? Disconnected from an electrical network? This lightweight kite can fly the wind turbine even when the wind on the ground is low. With altitude, the wind strengthens; your available electrical power becomes optimal.

Your landmark in the sky

Create your gathering point for your community.

Choose the color of your kite to mark from the sky a place of rallying. Make this source of energy available for the mobile and battery equipment of your customers or users.

A sustainable wind turbine

KiweeOne is rugged, off-road and designed to last a minimum of ten years.

Spare parts come from standard equipment and produced in large volume. Maintenance does not require any specific skills. The materials that make up Kiwee ​​One are those used for professional paragliders and kites.

A minimal
carbon footprint

1000 times less raw material is used in its manufacture.

In the category of domestic wind turbines, KiweeOne is a featherweight. No need for a mast or a concrete pad to fix it to the ground. With less than 2 kg in flight, Kiwee ​​One does without a permanent anchoring structure !

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