About us



My vision of the future, is that renewable energy is available to the greatest number

I am an aeronautical engineer. I worked several years in the development of aeronautical programs for a well-known European manufacturer. I have always been passionate about renewable energies, especially those from winds.

Based on the observation that conventional wind turbines harness winds at low altitude, not very powerful and inconstant, I imagine a solution using a kite during a train trip.

The idea was born, I will decide to make it real 10 years later, in 2013. Kiwee ​​One will be born in 2019.

Kiwee ​​one foreshadows, in my opinion, a first step towards non-intermittent renewable energies.

Dominique ROCHIER

energy autonomy is a good that is shared to acquire a freedom of means.

In 1996, I participate to the 4th World Solar Challenge. This first French solar car crossed Australia to finish at the 4th place of its category.

I also participated to the Shell Eco-marathon category "renewable energy" in 2000 and the Rallye Phébus in 2006.

In 2007 I co-found the company EXOSUN as research director to develop the first solar "Trackers". I have also participated in research programs on electricity access with Schneider and its "Bip Bop" program. The Exoes and Exogreen companies are logical suites for this research activity.

The meeting of Olivier's project at the end of 2015 generates an interest related to the promises of this breakthrough technology in the world of wind energy: low raw materials consumption to harness high altitude winds and a viable solution for energy production on a small scale.

In 2016, I co-found the company Kitewinder with Olivier.