What types of devices can Kiwee One charge ?

Kiwee One has 4 power outputs:

  • One USB 1A compatible will all USB devices
  • One USB 2A compatible with all USB devices
  • One cigarette lighter 100W smart charger (Bulk, Absorption, Float). Configurable in 13.7 Volts or 27.4 Volts DC. Useful for direct lead acid battery charging or to power any devices with cigarette lighter plug. You can even generate 110 /220 V AC with a AC/DC converter.
  • One banana socket plug with same characteristics as cigarette lighter.

I never managed to fly a kite when I was a kid, how could I manage to fly Kiwee?

We put a professional 4 m² Pilot Kite inside you Kiwee One Kit, the same that are used all around the world during kite festival. It fly front wind and require no steering. Once launched, call it an anchor. It remains static in the sky and is stable.

What if the wind drops and I am not around?

Don’t worry about that, Kiwee One as a inclinometer sensor inside the handle. If the wind drops, the handle detects it and retrieve your kiwee One automatically. Kiwee will land within a 5 meters radius around your launching point.

What is the warranty?

Included in your purchase is a 1 year limited warranty on defects in workmanship and materials under normal use.

Can I use KiweeOne on a boat ?

Yes you can, Kiwee one propeller float and has only mechanical parts. All Bearings and screws are stainless steel. The kite is made of Ripstop nylon which is waterproof.

Where can I buy Kiwee One

We sell Kiwee One and all accessories on our website. From here, we can ship worldwide.