Kiwee One : Pictures of the OSI Panthera mission in Kirghizstan

The Kiwee One has been flying over Kirghizstan for 10 days. A beta-version was indeed provided to the NGO « Objectif Sciences International » in the context of the Panthera Mission in August 2017.


Young scientists were trained to the use of our airborne wind turbine by co-founder Dominique Rochier a few days before departure. They then took the Kiwee One to Kirghistan, and launched it on a plateau at an altitude of 3000m.


The Kiwee One was used to charge drones and videos traps to capture some pictures of the Snow Leopard. We are eager to watch and share the video of the mission and will be happy to support other OSI missions in the near future.

You can download the full report here.


kiwee one in Kirghizistan snow panthera

kiwee one in Kirghizistan

kiwee one in Kirghizistan airbone