Kitewinder was at the Châtelaillon kite festival

Kitewinder was at the Châtelaillon-Plage kite festival

Dominique and I headed up to Chatelaillon plage in Charente Maritimes this weekend for the kite festival that takes place every year during Easter weeks.





In our luggage : 3 complete Kiwee to present them to passers-by, kite enthusiasts, engineer or others curious people. It was the first time we had the opportunity to present our product and of course, a big challenge for us both technically and logistically speaking.

We arrived on Saturday morning and after a quick setup of our showroom, we begin to fly our product at 2 pm for a long run test (previous tests have been made on a one hour duration basis). In the meantime, we presents the product to people : how does it work, how to use it, and what it can do. We initially plan to perform a 3 days test but just ran out of wind at 12 pm and thus, decide to fold the kite. 10 hours endurance test checked for Kitewinder, let’s run it for hundred hours.



Second and third day went pretty well with a large sunshine and a cool breeze that allowed us to show the efficiency of our product even in low wind conditions. Ice cream, big whale, crabs and other sharks flying in the sky make a perfect combination with our Kiwee providing music for people to enjoy their day on the beach !



What amazed the people most was the capabilities of Kiwee to deliver a direct 220V plug in such an unconventional places like the beach ! Dominique and I had a great pleasure to take parts in this festival and were happy to see the welcoming that people offered to us and to our product.